Brahmani Style

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This is another style of Marathi Nauvari Saree. It is worn at festivals and also for traditional dress. It has a curvy layer of border falling from the centre of the waist. This layer will be hanging from at the front. This curvy pleated layer of falling border makes the look gracefull. This is a drape which is very well highlighted by its style. It’s cowling which makes it attractive and traditional for the Maharashtrian style drape. In this drape, the lower pleats are kept facing t0 right-hand side. In addition, you can wear Brahmani Style Nauvari Saree in both the ways Brahmani and Peshwai/Mastani Style This saree is easy to wear. Also can be wear like a salwar so easy to carry. Feel comfortable with Stitched Brahmani Style Nauvari Saree.